Who should purchase the books?

There are a few different ways to handle the books. 

Option 1: The church can purchase the books ahead of time and distribute them to the groups. They can either gift them to mentees as a part of the program or have mentees pay for them as part of a sign-up cost.

Option 2: Much like option 1, mentors can purchase the books up front and distribute them at each meeting. If they have the means and want to gift the books to their mentees, great, if not, and you want to have the mentees reimburse them, that works great too.

Option 3: Mentees can be responsible for purchasing their own books. If you go with this option, we recommend having them order the books for the next month on their phones before your monthly meeting is over.

All options have been done successfully, but a couple of things to note as you decide: 1) If you have multiple mentees who prefer audiobooks or e-readers, it may be easier to let them acquire their own copies, 2) Some mentors/churches like having the mentees pay for the books as one way to make sure they have some “skin in the game.”


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