Where can I purchase the recommended books?

They should all be available wherever books are sold. But things do happen, especially with older books, so if you notice any of our recommended books are out of print or unavailable to order, please let us know!

In your Radical Mentoring account, we’ve included Amazon links for each book. You can find them under the Recommended Books section of each specific topic. And, if you use those links to navigate to Amazon, Radical Mentoring receives a small percentage of the sale!

If you’re interested in ordering any of Regi Campbell’s books, you can order directly from the Radical Mentoring store, and even get bulk discounts.


Chris Perry November 12, 2023

We have had a hard time getting a payback version on Bo’s cafe. It is very expensive in the secondary market. Is there a bunch we could buy from you guys? Could we encourage another printing. We have mentored 7 groups and given away dozens of copies with wonderful results.

Chris Perry

Jackson Beetler November 13, 2023

Hey Chris, we don’t have copies unfortunately, and I’m not sure if they will show up on Amazon or other retailers, but you can buy them directly from Trueface here: https://trueface.store/collections/books/products/bos-cafe