Can I choose my own books or should I use the recommended ones?

We recommend doing whatever will make your mentoring season most effective. The books we’ve suggested have been tested in mentoring groups over the years, so we know they work.

That said, if you have a book that has deeply impacted how you think about Prayer, or really helped you grasp the idea of Priorities, feel free to use it! You’ll mentor best when it authentically encompasses your life experience.

But remember that not every good book is a good mentoring book. If you want to know what we look for in books and or what you should be looking for if you’re going to substitute books, go here.

Lastly, we’ve included book-related questions on our end-of-season survey so you can get feedback about which books most resonated and which ones you might want to replace on the next go around.

If you have questions about any of the books, feel free to reach out to us!


Andrew Laflin November 9, 2023

Hi! Where can the list of the recommended books be found? Thanks!

Jackson Beetler November 9, 2023

Hi Andrew, you will find the recommended books under each topic page. For example, here is the page for the topic of Prayer:

To find the topics, go to the Launching page, and then under Step 1, you’ll see Select Your Track. Once you’ve created a season and assigned a track for that season, the topics will appear on the Leading page.