When the season is over, what if the mentees want to keep meeting on their own?

The formal Radical Mentoring process is designed to be intentional and for a season. The mentor takes ten to twelve months to pour their cup into the lives of others. At the end of this season, the goal is for the mentees to go and do likewise in some way. But if groups develop the deep relationships we’re aiming for, it makes sense they’d want to stay together.

For the mentor, the hope is that they’d invest in another group of mentees. But if the mentees want to stick together and continue doing life together, we absolutely endorse that. Many groups will continue to meet monthly or quarterly and read a book together or do something they can discuss and can continue to encourage and challenge each other.

Just make sure the expectations for this continuation are set up front. In all likelihood, not all the mentees will want to continue, and of the ones that do, they may not want the standards to be as high as they were in their mentoring group. And that’s okay, different expectations for different settings, just make sure it’s clear.


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