What does a partnership with Radical Mentoring look like?

Partnering with Radical Mentoring is simple. Once you create an account, you have access to all of our resources.

Your next step is to connect with your Mentoring Guide (you can do so here), who will walk you through the launch process and help you figure out your best next steps.

And then throughout your launch, we’ll send you helpful content and continue reaching out to connect and answer questions along the way.

After your launch, we’d love to have a conversation about how you can pay it forward. Radical Mentoring is funded by mentors, mentees, and churches who have been impacted by our ministry. This allows us to provide all our resources for free. So once, you’ve seen the life-changing impact a mentoring group can have, we’d love you to continue partnering with us to help more churches and more mentees can do the same!

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