What do I do when a mentee isn’t doing the homework or keeps missing meetings? Do I ask them to leave the group?

It is important to set expectations ahead of time. Before mentees even apply, they need to know what is to be expected if they join the group. Once the group begins and they’ve signed the covenant, they should be held to the covenant. Holding mentees to the covenant early on, coupled with the positive peer pressure from the other mentees typically solves most issues you may encounter in the group. 

If an issue does arise, it’s best to pull the mentee aside one-on-one and attempt to address it. The key is to be a velvet hammer, firm but fair. In the rare case where the issue persists and the mentee refuses to engage with the group, doesn’t complete the work, is constantly distracting the group, or always taking the conversation in the wrong direction, you might have to ask them to step aside from the group.


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