Can this be used for with non-believers? Is it an effective evangelism tool?

Radical Mentoring was designed to be a tool for spiritual growth for men who are already professing Jesus-followers. Why? Because our goal here is to develop men into disciple-makers and all-in Jesus-followers. And having non-believers in the group can distract from that purpose in a couple of ways. 1) It’s easy for them to become the project of the group, with everyone focused on helping them, instead of growing in their own lives. And 2) those who aren’t Jesus-followers are going to understandably have different questions and different concerns than those who are and it’s easy for your discussions to get sidetracked on issues most of the group have already settled in their minds.

We are obviously big fans for evangelism and people coming to know Jesus, but mentoring groups are the best avenue for that.

Note: It’s not uncommon for men in groups to realize that they don’t truly have a meaningful relationship with Jesus and to see them re-dedicate (or authentically dedicate for the first time) their lives to Jesus.


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